casanova arhitect
Live in your home life!
Buildings are not just places were we live and work.
They are part of us.
They are our world.
With our happy moments and our limits.
With us you can shine.
Live !
about us

CASANOVA S.R.L. is a construction society with Romanian capital,
since spring of 1998.
  Our firm acts in principal in interior design (offices, apartments),
banks and villas.
  We can execute all kind of works to build a modern office,
from project to finesses details like: furniture wood made or stainless
steel, lamps, logos or other objects. All these things give a unique form to
your office or your house.
  Our slogan is RAPIDITY and PRECISION.

Our Customers
Wbs Holding
Aro Construct
One Trading
Luxury Apartment
Alpha Bank k5
Alpha Bank e4a
Sydney Bar
Decora Store
Mogosoaia House
FX Internet
Sighet Expo
Alpha Bank k5
Ileana House
Decora Store
Alpha Bank Mariott
Alpha Bank Pitesti
Alpha Bank Ploiesti
Athenee Palace
Alpha Bank k5
CG Equipments
Corbeanca House
BBM Grup
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